About Us
photo of suit and tieWe act like lawyers

Okay, not exactly. And we certainly don’t bill like them. But, like lawyers, we believe
a communications agency must serve as your advocate in the marketplace.

It is important that you have someone fighting for you by staying abreast of your competition, offering fresh ideas, and presenting you
with new opportunities to increase your revenue.

Since 1993, A.L.T. Advertising & Promotion, Inc. has done just that for businesses and organizations throughout the Delaware Valley,
and throughout the U.S. Our people have worked for some of the nation’s largest advertising agencies and corporations on a wide array of
high profile products and services. Yet, we have also helped smaller organizations get off the ground, build their businesses and enjoy greater profitability. In fact, all of our efforts are always bottom-line oriented. Fancy words and pretty pictures are fine – but only if they directly lead to
more customers and better margins.

A.L.T. Advertising & Promotion, Inc.
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