Marketing ConsultingMarketing is not an expense. It's an investment.

Marketing Consulting

The only thing that matters is that you reap a tangible return on your marketing investment. How you do so depends as much upon
the diversification and integrated nature of your marketing “portfolio” (e.g., advertising, public relations, internet strategies, etc.) as it
doeson the strategic foundation and creative execution of each element.

A.L.T. takes great pride in its ability to provide its clients with a special expertise in developing “marketing mixes” designed not just
for maximum effectiveness, but optimum cost efficiency as well. We believe that the types of marketing tools you use and the kinds of
media that you choose, are just as critical to the success of your program as the actual execution(s) themselves.

A big part of our consulting services also involves helping companies and their brands develop the kinds of “positionings” that
resonate with their target prospects. It is only through the establishment of such positionings that meaningful brands can be
developed and communicated.


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